About Certified Philosophy

Certified was established by caring teachers who wanted to provide the absolutely best possible driver's education for today's youth. Though we provide adult instruction, our focus has always been to be game changers in the attitudes of today's youth.

We have an epidemic in America today that is worse than any flu epidemic can be. The very sad fact is that an average of 18 teens are killed EVERY SINGLE DAY in this country. It is the responsibility of every parent to make sure that their son or daughter has the ABSOLUTE BEST possible instruction. Based on the feedback that we get from our parents, we are reaching our goal. The tuition to attend Driver's Education is a very small price to pay to reduce the chance of having a tragic accident.

I sincerely believe we are in the ATTITUDE CHANGING BUSINESS.

I think teens will listen if they are presented with a classroom situation that they can relate to. The actual physical learning to drive is only a small part of the Driver's Ed experience with Certified. Our goal has always been that the real difference in a Certified taught student is their acute awareness of the RESPONSIBILITIES that accompany getting a Drivers license.

Jerry Mazer
Our History

Certified has been teaching Driver's Education since 1972. It was established by Jerry Mazur who at the time was a Biology teacher at Andrean High School. Mr. Mazur taught for a total of 39 years: 9 at Andrean and 30 years at Highland High School. Jerry still teaches the classroom sessions at the Highland office.

We now have 2 locations: Highland and Crown Point. The Crown Point office is operated by Mr. Mazur with the help of minority owner Nick Byrd; teacher & coach at Hobart High School: and Garry Burkhart; retired teacher & wrestling coach at Hobart High School.

Certified has a staff of over 30 instructors of which the vast majority are either current teachers or retired teachers of local school systems. We also teach the High School programs at Highland High School as well as the Summer programs at Lowell and Griffith High Schools. We also have taught the Driver's Ed programs at Lake Central High School and Andrean High School for over 10 years.


Driver Education Student Bill of Rights