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We at Certified Driving School feel there is no substitute in taking the classroom session of drivers education with a classroom teacher, however, the State of Indiana has now granted permission to take the classroom portion of the course on the internet. We feel this should only be done in a situation when there is no other way the student can attend the classroom.

Teen Driver Education

The cost of the Teen Driver Education internet course is $399.00. Our internet provider, Driving Brilliance, has been approved by the State of Indiana and the fee for this class includes the internet course and 6 hours of driving instruction.

Procedure to for Teen Driver Internet Classes

1. Click the link above to sign up for the Teen Driver Education internet class.

2. Come into the Certified Driving office to pick up forms necessary for the BMV.

3. Once you have a permit and we have a copy of the permit, you may start scheduling drives.

4. For more information on our internet driving classes please contact us at 219.924.6622

Already signed up for internet classes? Click here to login to your Driving Brilliance account.

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Student must be at least 15 years of age to start drivers education and obtain a permit. Students that do not attend drivers education classes cannot receive a permit until they are 16 years of age.

30 hours classroom plus 6 hours of driving (home pick-up for most drives) Licensed by the State of Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Dept of Education

The State of Indiana requires all Driver Education classroom and driving must be completed in a maximum of 120 days!

To Obtain a Driver's License...

1. Student must be 16 Years & 3 Months old.
2. Student must have held permit for a minimum of 6 months.
3. Student must have finished a driver's education course.
4. Without driver's education, student must be 16 years & 9 months to obtain a license.

Cost $399.00* (We accept Cash, Checks and Major Credit Cards)

Driver Education Student Bill of Rights