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  1. If a student enrolls and does not start, there will be a refund minus a handling charge of $50.00. If a student starts his/her Driver's Education Program and decides to withdraw, there will only be a 50% return of full tuition if he/she has not started driving. Once driving has started, there will be no refund. In both cases, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will be contacted, and the Driver's Education permit will be made null and void by the state of Indiana.
  2. Students who live a considerable distance away might have to come to the office to drive. Tuition is non-transferable and there is a 18 month limit to complete the course - no refunds.
  3. Any student not giving 24-hour notice for a drive cancellation will be charged a $30 NO SHOW FEE.
  4. NO REFUNDS after 45 days from purchase date.
  5. NO REFUNDS without a completed CDE Form.

Class Total - $460.00

Things to Know

  • Student must be at least 15 years of age to start drivers education and obtain a permit. Students that do not attend drivers education classes cannot receive a permit until they are 16 years of age.
  • Course includes 30 hours classroom plus 6 hours of driving (home pick-up for most drives) Licensed by the State of Indiana’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Dept of Education.
  • The State of Indiana requires all Driver Education classroom and driving must be completed in a maximum of 120 days!

To Obtain a Driver's License...

  1. Student must be 16 Years & 3 Months old.
  2. Student must have held permit for a minimum of 6 months.
  3. Student must have finished a driver's education course.
  4. Without driver's education, student must be 16 years & 9 months to obtain a license.
Cost $460.00*