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Certified Driving School offers a wide range of driver’s education classes and additional driving services at two convenient locations. For additional info click here to contact us.

Driving Classes Certified Driving Class Schedules

Student must be at least 15 years of age and show birth certificate upon sign up. Program consists of 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of driving.

Cost $399.00 (We accept Cash, Checks and Major Credit Cards)

Additional Services

Drive Test

If you qualify, you can take a drive test at Certified for a fee of $35.00

B in class and B in driving required

Must be 16 years & 3 months old

One parent must sign a form giving permission for student to take test

Additional Drive Time

Students who have completed the driving course may require additional instruction to improve their driving skills. Plus, some parents with their busy schedules don't have as much time as they would like to work with their teens. As with many sports, the more lessons or camps a student attends, the better they can be at that sport. In order to get your teens as prepared as possible you may consider additional drive time.

1 hour = $50

3 hours = $125

6 hours = $225

Adult Driving

For those who wish to obtain adult driving lessons the cost of the course is $325 for a minimum of 6 hours of driving lessons. We will drive you in 4 one and a half hour lessons which we do pick up at home for these lessons. Must have a valid Indiana State Drivers education permit/license to take course.

6 hours = $325

Expressway Driving

Weekends only – Borman and 1-65 for 1 hour lesson / Borman, and Dan Ryan to Chicago for 2 hour lessons. Taught only by Jerry.

1 hour = $75

2 hours = $100

Drive Test Preparation

1 hour lesson (extra drive) before drive test to increase ability to pass by reviewing speed control, stops, parallel parking, etc.

1 hour = $50 (previous student only)

1 hour = $75

Written Test (BMV) Preparation = $100

Some students and adults have difficulty passing the BMV test. 1 hour private lessons will be held at the Highland office to get you ready for the exam.

Driver Education Student Bill of Rights